A tribute to dogs everywhere.

Nestled in the Berkshires, just a few blocks away from one of the country’s largest contemporary art museums, MASS MoCA. The historic Quinn’s Wallpaper and Paint Store is a perfect home for the dogs and the endearing stories they have to tell. The imperfections, of the quirky building, reflect the character of the dogs who’ve found their way here. The M.O.D. family is finally together, and full of wagging tails, awaiting to share our home with you. Founded by passion In 1989, David York followed his dreams to Atlanta after a successful career in fashion in the fashion capital of the country–NYC. There he founded Barking Hound Village, the largest, locally-owned dog daycare, boarding and grooming company. His passion came from his deep love for his own dog, Sophie. Now he finds himself in Massachusetts, bolstering his love of dogs by sharing the passion through Museum of Dog.


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